Share / Certificate Rates

TypeAnnual Percentage RateAnnual Percentage YieldMinimum Deposit
Share Savings.10%.10%$25.00
Club Accounts.10%.10%
IRA Shares.35%.35%
3 month CD.20%.20%$1000.00
6 month CD.25%.25%$1000.00
12 month CD.35%.35%$1000.00
18 month CD.45%.45%$1000.00
Dividend rates effective 06/29/2020

Loan Rates

TypeTermAnnual Percentage RateNotes
New Auto **SPECIAL**60 months2.79%Special '20/'19 New Models
 66/72 months2.99%Select Vehicles
Used Auto60 months2.99%2019 Used Models
 48 months2.79% 
 60 months3.29%2013 - 2018
 48 months4.99%2010 - 2012
 48 months5.99%2009 and older dependent on condition
Recreational Vehicle 5.99% 
Used Recreational Vehicle 6.99% 
Home Improvement 5.75% 
Personal Unsecured 11.99%$5000.00 maximum
Share Secured 3.00%100% Secured by shares
Visa Credit Card 15.50%No annual fee
Home Equity5 years3.29%+ Closing costs
 10 years3.99%+ Closing costs
 15 years4.99%+ Closing costs
Loan rates effective 06/03/2020


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